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Can you do 32 bit system version?


This game is very good! but can you make a singleplayer mode how in Sword with Sauce (A game), there were levels with bots and to win you should have killed them all, i want singleplayer mode cause this games have no online.


Remake in VR? Can I remake it in VR?


I had a blast playing this with my friends. Too bad this doesnt have more players.

And the developer has stopped working on this as it seems. Thats too bad. It`s a nice Game.

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good game but ther is no one to play whith


there is no one in the game


Linux version?

It works well through Wine without any completely game breaking issues (Only tested in offline bot matches, some text doesn't show up properly).

I wouldn't say no to a Linux version though, if the dev is still working on the game.

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Me and my friend played this game and it's really good we love the concept and love the mechanics of listening out for the audio of the other players, although there's some bugs. 

1. the character wouldn't respawn after the 5th ish match that i played

2. On that 5th ish match my character only had the shotgun and the rifle dynamite and revolver all disapeared.

3. Sometimes when you hit another player the blood effects go but no damage is taken (We properly tested this it isn't me just being salty cuz I can't aim :) ) 

4. The game wouldn't join any servers on the first few bootups.

But like I said we really liked the game keep up the good work, I hope finding these bugs helped :).

Very nice game


good stuff, although the delay with switching weapons is a bit iffy, other than that, good stuff

Can you make it for Linux?

very cool game and really fun

Very nice game ! I try this with a friend today and we had a lot of fun :)

Anyone down to play this game look's hella fun. 

i would be down to play rn

well this game is cool but  nobody plays the game, but i know this isn't the problem with the creator of the game. but sometimes this game have a lot of bugs (exemple[when i tried to make a server, it said "you have a problem" or something]) i really recomend this game is super cool, great sound effects, great game modes. grade  {8.7} = i think you can make the player make a custom character, and i want more weapons, and i want you can get rid off the bugs. 

PS= i made the server with my friend :3

this games is cool but have some lags and bugs i love this game

there is legit no one on there

Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).

What region?

I have been playing this all day with a friend the game is amazing and i am getting some more of my friends to play it 5 star game hands down.

i highly recommend this gam


32 bit ?

Deleted 128 days ago

dude it sez up there that there will be bugs, plus id luv 2 see u do any better... 

if u dont like the game, friggin back off n dont play it


Nobody is playing this! I was so hyped when I saw this game. And then I downloaded it but there is no people playing so I can't play it!

rlyeeeeeeeeeegood game 



im here

dude did u just make an account called dickhead so u could say that :P

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I don't know if it's just me but everything I do gets delayed by my ping times one million. Also, a lot of the time, bots kill me from a really long range... and I don't know if this is intentional but their aim is (100%) spot-on. I understand that this isn't the final release, but I don't find it fun dying every 2 seconds lol. Other than these issues, the game itself is really great and looks nice!

get gud jk



Which region has the most players?

Europe or US

Great game!, wish it had more players though

Yeah, I just got on for the second day and I didn't find anybody.

I have had a lot of fun playing this game with freinds but the game is really unbalanced. The coach gun does so much damage for such a long range.

should of called it gun slingers

I am not sure, but I think that name is taken.

Yes its an xbox 360 game lol


VERY GOOD GAME just no ones plating


Great Game! I can't wait for it to hit steam to have the player base skyrocket. One thing that I would like for the devs to add would be less laggy weapon switching.


Amazing part 2 was a lot better experience for me Good Game

Amazing game hope i did a good review

how do I make the train go choochoo

HOW DO I PLAY ENY GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno


i was unable to get online working, but offline with bots was still really fun! loved the insanity that would break out sometimes in matches. there was never a dull moment when i played. excellent work, and good luck with any future developments for this game!

Hei! Very cool game. Where can we contact you for business purposes? Do you have an email address or any social network?

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