A downloadable game for Windows

Come say hi and join my new Discord for Gunfighters and general game dev stuff, and follow the development of my new project at: https://discord.gg/tHY9xY2krK

NOTE: This project is inactive and was intended as a hobby project as opposed to something more serious. It heavily uses the Modular FPS Engine template and 3D models provided by Synty Studios available on the Unity Asset Store, among other assets.

Gunfighters (working title) is an online multiplayer FPS set in the Old West with low poly graphics.

The game supports 12 player multiplayer and bots are supported both on and offline. The player count may be increased but the game needs to be stress tested first, and the current map isn't set-up well for 20+ bots.

The game is in a very early, pre-alpha state so expect plenty of bugs. Make sure you are set to the same region if trying to play with a friend, and have bots enabled when hosting a server if you're trying to play solo.

Animations and sounds are placeholder.

Game modes:

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Gunslinger (Every kill switches out your weapon in a set order. The first to get a kill with every weapon wins.)

Controls are standard for shooters:

- Movement (WSAD)
- Leaning (Q and E)
- Crouch (C)
- Aim (right click)
- Fire (left click)
- Sprint (shift)
- Switch weapons (numbers 1-4 or scroll wheel)
- Quick use (G - throws dynamite, etc.)
- Tab (Scoreboard)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Multiplayer, Shoot 'Em Up, Third-Person Shooter, Unity, Western


gunfighters.zip 238 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip, then click on the Gunfighters application file inside the extracted folder.

Development log


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Too bad this got cancelled, and is currently in a broken state.

Man this game is dope. Really good. I enjoyed it. But the problem is there is some bug with bots. Also if you add difficulty then this will be also great. 5 STAR

Someone is ripping you off: https://idalia-dev.itch.io/cowguns

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can you add an local multiplayer splitscreen into this game? maybe 4 players using a gamepad in one computer?

pls i beg you


is this game stil active?

No it’s not

i see, well guess am goin to have to make some friends

Hey man I as wondering if you knew where i could find the assets or the tutorials if there is any, i really like this  game and want to make something similar for me and friends and such. Either that or you potentially giving me a copy of the project files to edit if you have them, i understand that is unlikely but i thought it worth a shot. Cheers :)



Hi, I had come back after a couple of years just out of curiosity (after watching an old video of me and my friends playing.) to see how this project was doing. I had also noticed that the discord server wasn't available anymore.

I read that some guy reversed engineered your game and re-uploaded it, i think that's a shame... Sadly this is all to common with the unity MONO scripting engine. I always recommend at least il2cpp and obfuscation if you really want to go out of the way to prevent these easy copies/hacks.

i do still think gunfighters still has potential, maybe even as a open-sourced free to play project that relays to steam to boost players & content. On second thoughts this might become tricky, as the assets are from a 3rd party. However, problems exist for solutions ;). I mean me and my friends had allot of fun playing it for some time, because the concept works quite well.

if i sparked some interest feel free to send me a message

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Hey, thanks for your note. Yeah, I got busy with life and took the Discord down a long time ago since the project wasn’t active. You’re absolutely right that someone ripped it, I didn’t try have his page pulled down or anything because this project is so inactive for me anyways. 

You’re right that I couldn’t legally open source this due to third party assets and licensing issues, as this heavily relied on a multiplayer fps framework asset from Unity’s asset store. I am not sure if I even have the project files on my computer at this point anyways but if I was ever to make something similar I would definitely start from scratch anyways.

I have been working on a single player Battlefield style project like Ravenfield in Unreal 5 for a couple months now to get back into development without the burdens of networking issues or extensive reliance on assets (at least on the programming side). I have considered reimplementing the Wild West assets at some point, but I’m not sure I’d try to make a multiplayer focused game. I’ve realized that to do that, you’d really need tons and tons of people downloading and playing to have any sort of continued player base… and if that happened, you’d end up with a myriad of other issues like anti-cheat, etc.

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This game is absolutely brilliant. It is quite well optimized, it doesn't crash. Working bots, several game modes, gungame, deathmatch, dominance, team deathmatch. All game modes are fun. The map is very nice, very nicely elaborated. It would be enough for me as a proof of concept. Throwing dynamite is a lot of fun, the weapons are very well made and fun to shoot for a start, the right click to switch to sights is good too.

I haven't figured out if the game has more maps, the possibility of leveling, completing other tasks (VIP protection, moving gold to the train), or missions on the roof of a moving train, etc., would also contribute to the game.

The only downside is the 1 map and the fact that after 30 minutes there is nothing left to discover in the game. And at the beginning it was a problem to set up a server, you had to choose the Europe region and then start the game.

A dedicated Linux server would greatly benefit the game. If the game allowed other mods or custom level creation, it would also be worth it, but for now please consider the fact that I'm just brainstorming here.

Thanks for the game, it's great and I look forward to any future versions.
I am missing gatling in this game. ;) That would be awesome. :)

Thanks for playing! As noted above, this project is inactive and hasn’t been updated. There was just the one map which was actually a demo scene from an asset pack I was using for prototyping purposes. I am working on a new single player project now that’s sort of more like an early version of Ravenfield but it’s a ways out still.

Deleted 93 days ago


I love this game! its just a shame no ones ever on

Is there a discord?

Been playing the game for a while but there's never anyone on, if there was a discord than it would be much easier to co-ordinate with other players to be on at the same time, and be a good step to building the games community.


There isn’t a Discord I’m afraid. When I was making this a few years back I briefly had one but I closed it because I stopped development of this project and the Discord was understandably pretty dead as well. 

Revive it, it could work as a mobile title definitely.

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I can’t bring myself to work on a mobile game haha. I am working on another shooter project at the moment (single player this time around), but still using a lot of those model packs so I may eventually throw a Wild West mode together but I am only in the very early stages.

Just an FYI - I reopened a Discord in case people want to talk to anyone about Gunfighters, chat, share anything they're working on, or follow my latest project (which is still in a very early state). https://discord.gg/tHY9xY2krK

It's just me in there at the moment though, so don't expect lots of activity on Gunfighters haha.

el juego esta genial espero sinceramente que le mentan mas contenido porque para jugarlo con amigos esta re piola

Gracias, deje de trabajar en este proyecto hace mucho tiempo ya pero estoy empezando a trabajar en nuevas cosas últimamente ahora que tengo un poco más de tiempo libre.

Looks amazing, reminds me of fistful of frags


Fistful of Frags is awesome!


Thanks! It’s an old dead project now but I am trying to work on something new

I was searching games on itch to play with friend but there was not so many and some are lan but finally found this multiplayer game that works from everywhere ... It is so good game and i found very hilarious movements playing mith my friend in discord vc

for lan games you can use radmin vpn

I love the game, I play it more often than any AAA titles I have


kinda realistic but needs more work :)

Totally, I admittedly didn’t work on this one for long. I was very busy at the time some years ago and had to put game dev aside, but I’ve been getting back into it lately.

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doesn't work + no one online?

This project is inactive but if you have friends then you can play private matches

the server creating/joining didn't work for me

update the game it has a lot of potential

jogo bosta, fez meu irmão se matar, vc n passa de um pequeno fagot, e sua ma~e é tão gorda

vc é esquizofrenico seu adotado

Sinto muito

For some Reason I Cant play it Cuz im ''Disconected'' Still, Yet I HAVE INTERNET IT JUST Doesn't work... Somebody has the same problem?

Deleted 134 days ago

Hey, how are you?
Me and my Buddie wanted to pitch a game idea...
Please wright back, or email me under mariusmartensen@icloud.com
this is a serious Idea, and we would like to contribute not only as creative director, but also as a Sound designer myself and my friend as a Level designer we would like to have influence on the game from the earliest steps.


You for real can't spell write?


Sorry for my mistake, I am german. now may you kindly fuck off


That's just cruel bruh

radec fick dich selbst

u bitch


Ay. Calm down with the hate. I just called out a mistake.

you do realize you spelled "write" wrong right?


pls do a version for 32 bits :/


agreed every good games i see are 64 bits even if it has bad graphics

Is this game dead?

idk bro xdxd


well if you point a revolver to its head and pull the trigger then ye


This game.. is actually amazing

I just loved the sound design and gameplay was pretty fun ...




valio la pena descargarlo XD


tiene singleplayer??


lamentablemente no

I love this game, it has gread potential, the features that are in the game are pretty funny tbh, would love to see the game get completed

No Servers online? Bottom right says Disconnected. 

put your region and (if you have anyone to play with) play with a friend or more.


Actualy a good quality game, fun to play with freinds i really hope this gets expanded upon.


Its an inactive hobby project.


Can you fix this for linux users? or will there be atleast

How to connect on multiplayer?

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select the same region and if that doesnt work restart the server and or game


can this game run on Win 7 64-bit???

Yes i have a windows 7 and do it.

Show post...

this game is LOL


please make it browser playable 



Can you give me the files?

I hope to have more of the map

Linux Build pls


linux is crap just use windows

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You are crap


No you


You're both crap stop arguing


BE NICE=cookie


get a pc instead 😕


I have a PC :)

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