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Hey guys, this game looks really fun and I would play with my bro but we can't find anything to play together ... Please can u explain how to join another server ?

se puede jugar en ubuntu 20.4 

max when!?

please make it for linux pls pls pls

Kicks me constantly idk why

great game

tHis lag is 823712872319763162876565312743652435234156326312653243243651435243514356143561436512436524316875368708-09287981y854216532097626y68r498276r3785r5-0768432783-069854726830659874u5406-98736 ping


this is a very fun game :D 

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yes thats me

i don't see any game lobby


It looks like roblox arsenal


it actually kinda does


how do i start the train

Um there are no servers O-O

uh oh

Go in game,boys


Is it just me or is this exactly like armadillo in Red Dead Redemption

are you playing this actually we can make a private server


WoW... thes gayme well bii thi onli gayme tew evr bi meda bye thes mwan.





i think hes having a stroke-

it dose not work at all for me

Cool game, friends of mine have a bug where all they can see is bright white and me through the wall as a black person. Might be sth to look into.


chocky milk


32 bits?

wuts the req?

Yeah, I'm wondering that as well

just download it and see


the game is great, it just needs an update


This game is actually fun. I guess you could improve the map by making it smaller or something, and probably make it fast paced with infinite sprint? And probably add an option for raw mouse input.


Excellent game! I really like the graphics and playability, is a shame that people don't connect in multiplayer mode. It would be cool a split screen mode too.


I miss when split screen was basically a mandatory feature for every game.

i dont

I don't know how you don't. Unless you don't have siblings. I used to play split screen with my brother all the time

yeah, I used to with my older brother on the Xbox 360, we played call of duty and and when I was gonna win he would turn the console off. lmao.

Wow, not only did he seem like a sore loser, but also like a jackass. I've heard of people doing stuff like that when their siblings were about to win

Awesome game! Does the train move at all or was that removed?

AMAZING, this game has so much potential. Fun Gameplay and good graphics. Multiplayer works flawlessly and overall a great game 9/10

This Game is amazing, and really fun, but the bots are to op, it was really hard for me and my fried because of how accurate, and also the ladders were a bit buggy





Dynamite is op. Funny game with friends.

this looks good

How do I start the train?

Bro i love your game we played this game like 150+ hours can you please make update like weapons maps please


Wow, I’m thinking about getting back into game dev when I have time but this was just a hobby project, glad you got some fun out of it!

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man this is one of the most fun deathmatch fps I've ever played, please keep up

yo. I remember when the store page said that it was looking to be an fps that took you across different points in time. Like one map might be fighting in ww1. Then next might be old west. Unless this is mandella effect. Did it use to say that lol??? If not then oh well. Thought that idea was cool. 

ETA  BUENARDO lastimaa que no se actualice y tampoco encuentro servidores tengo que jugar con bots 

Yo te recomendaria hablar en ingles para que te entiendan


I like the game, too bad more than 4 players it keeps crashing for us!


noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo baby joy


hey bro you game is masterpiece but the game need more map and weapon please make update thx :D



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