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update the game it has a lot of potential

jogo bosta, fez meu irmão se matar, vc n passa de um pequeno fagot, e sua ma~e é tão gorda

For some Reason I Cant play it Cuz im ''Disconected'' Still, Yet I HAVE INTERNET IT JUST Doesn't work... Somebody has the same problem?

I opened as administrator now it says: joinedinlobby but no servers


Hey, how are you?
Me and my Buddie wanted to pitch a game idea...
Please wright back, or email me under
this is a serious Idea, and we would like to contribute not only as creative director, but also as a Sound designer myself and my friend as a Level designer we would like to have influence on the game from the earliest steps.


You for real can't spell write?


Sorry for my mistake, I am german. now may you kindly fuck off


That's just cruel bruh

radec fick dich selbst

u bitch

Ay. Calm down with the hate. I just called out a mistake.

pls do a version for 32 bits :/

agreed every good games i see are 64 bits even if it has bad graphics

Is this game dead?

idk bro xdxd

well if you point a revolver to its head and pull the trigger then ye


This game.. is actually amazing

I just loved the sound design and gameplay was pretty fun ...


valio la pena descargarlo XD

tiene singleplayer??

lamentablemente no

I love this game, it has gread potential, the features that are in the game are pretty funny tbh, would love to see the game get completed

No Servers online? Bottom right says Disconnected. 

put your region and (if you have anyone to play with) play with a friend or more.


Actualy a good quality game, fun to play with freinds i really hope this gets expanded upon.


Its an inactive hobby project.


Can you fix this for linux users? or will there be atleast

How to connect on multiplayer?

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select the same region and if that doesnt work restart the server and or game


can this game run on Win 7 64-bit???

Yes i have a windows 7 and do it.

Show post...

this game is LOL


please make it browser playable 


Can you give me the files?

I hope to have more of the map

Linux Build pls


linux is crap just use windows

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You are crap

No you

You're both crap stop arguing


BE NICE=cookie


get a pc instead 😕


I have a PC :)


this game is mad good please continue it

Is this a official remake of this game?

or is it just an unofficial remake?


gunfighters came out first, sue byteetek


Wait no gunfighters is a remake , he just change the fucking name


Neither game is a remake of the other.  Both of them just use the same pack of 3D models which is sold by Synty Studios. Admittedly, this project heavily used assets sold for those purposes as noted in the description and never evolved much beyond a quick hobby level prototype. I got busy with life and work and wasn’t able to continue working on it.



Very smart Lol.

how do i play offline

turn off wifi

Its a good game but there are a lot of glitches like you can go through walls and floors sometimes also the axe doesnt work most of the time


Sadly a dead project

Is there a discord server to play?


it does not even work buddy!


i  want  play  with   real  player


is actually a great use of the polygon western asset


no body plays it :( 

i wanna play with people.

Add me in discord! we will play Denniz#6315

can i play too please

uuh sure

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can I join? my user name is biraj#6104


are you still looking for people?

No but your wanna play?


Es 32bits y cuántos .exe


Cool! But, i am sad, that its inactive =( i wish there are updates, new maps and maybe, releasing in playstore? LOL because mobile players = more multiplayer = more fun = advantages =)

My only wish is to make that machine gun on the train works :(

It's glitching for two years

c compatible manette ?

Its just like krunker but i feel like this is better

Hey great game we do a series playing random games and this week we played yours, here is the video

Great game, works smooth and the bots have super IQ! Its like RDR2 but i dont see much servers there. Maybe not much players. I know its just a hobby game, but i wish its released in mobile versions at playstore or appstore because more player may come and we can play! It would be more fun!

so glitch


yes? XDDDD

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