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Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).

What region?

I have been playing this all day with a friend the game is amazing and i am getting some more of my friends to play it 5 star game hands down.

i highly recommend this gam


32 bit ?


Revolver doesnt shoot (6 of 7 ammu)
i cant see enemys but thy can see me (multiplayer with friend)



Nobody is playing this! I was so hyped when I saw this game. And then I downloaded it but there is no people playing so I can't play it!

rlyeeeeeeeeeegood game 



im here

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I don't know if it's just me but everything I do gets delayed by my ping times one million. Also, a lot of the time, bots kill me from a really long range... and I don't know if this is intentional but their aim is (100%) spot-on. I understand that this isn't the final release, but I don't find it fun dying every 2 seconds lol. Other than these issues, the game itself is really great and looks nice!

get gud jk



Which region has the most players?

Europe or US

Great game!, wish it had more players though

Yeah, I just got on for the second day and I didn't find anybody.

I have had a lot of fun playing this game with freinds but the game is really unbalanced. The coach gun does so much damage for such a long range.

should of called it gun slingers

I am not sure, but I think that name is taken.

VERY GOOD GAME just no ones plating


Great Game! I can't wait for it to hit steam to have the player base skyrocket. One thing that I would like for the devs to add would be less laggy weapon switching.


Amazing part 2 was a lot better experience for me Good Game

Amazing game hope i did a good review

how do I make the train go choochoo

HOW DO I PLAY ENY GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno


i was unable to get online working, but offline with bots was still really fun! loved the insanity that would break out sometimes in matches. there was never a dull moment when i played. excellent work, and good luck with any future developments for this game!

Hei! Very cool game. Where can we contact you for business purposes? Do you have an email address or any social network?


I love this game, it almost feels handmade. The pacing reminds me quite a bit of Fistful of Frags, just a shame that nobody else was online :(

there is a 32 bits version?

Do you not have a mac version?

Great job! I can't afford Red Dead 2, so this will have to tide me over for now, haha


Hey! Love the concept of your game, are you interested in working with a publisher? If you are feel free to reach out we'd love to talk.



This was an absolute blast. Could feel the love. Honestly hope to see you work on this more as I'd love to make more videos of it. Hope you enjoy 

Also Check out the video below me, he's a swell dude!

A few friends and I played this and had so much fun. This game needs more maps! It also needs more love, cause it's great! Here's a video we recorded:

Project dead?

I really hope not, it's a pretty good game. 


90% of my shots dont hit

headshots with a sniper are not a 1 shot kill

aiming with the bow is impossible 

add crosshair for bow when aiming

spawning between all the enemies

headshots dont one shot


Dude. nah.  The bow is the best weapon in the game.  Got 98+ kills with it in domination (bots tho)

bad aim

how do you get the train moving

Add more maps and weapons, nice game

Thats game is so cool and funny. Download it!

Really nice dude, just needs to be polished with some nice weapon animations! :D

Looks good sounds good but like the sad life of a mac owner it can't be used. 

it wont let me host a game. and it is show nothing when i go to browse games. it says disconnected in the corner. halp.


how do you get the train moving

First record



I've been working a project in Unity. I'm new and don't have too much knowledge on the subject. I have a question about your assets. Where did you find your animations and sounds? I've been having trouble finding any and your placeholder ones look really nice. Thank you.


To clear up,  I'm not looking for those animations specificly, just how you got them because I'm having trouble finding generic ones and no luck with complicated ones.

The animations are mostly from the Kubold rifle and pistol packs. The sounds are from a pretty big mix of sources. I have two big sound packs from the asset store (I think one is called Pro Sounds and one might be Universal Sound FX) and otherwise I've just Google sounds to fill needs. These were mostly just on sale in the May Madness sale, would have been a good time to pick them up!


pls link download

does this have lan

No LAN but you can play online. Do people still play LAN in 2019? Those were the days haha.

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Yep, lots of people still do.

Though I'd say more frequently WLAN now.

For everyone saying that they can't connect or can only play offline, Make sure you are connected to a reign near you.

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