Download Link is Fixed - News on Next Update

Hi all,

Last night while uploading a patched build I discovered a bug that caused online connectivity issues, and when canceling the upload the previous download link was removed from the site. It should be fixed now.

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Upcoming Changes

The below are expected this week or so:

Bots - the pathing issues that cause them to run to the edge of the map will be fixed. They will also be slightly nerfed in terms of their reaction times and LOS, so they won't 180 headshot you as much. Their names owill be changed to wild west sounding names.

Bow - a crosshair will be added to ADS mode. There will be a bit more gravity applied to the arrows (requiring you to aim up a bit more on longer shots) to account for the otherwise easier aiming, and reload times may slightly increase.

Gun game (Gunslingers) - All guns will be in the rotation twice to increase the game mode duration.

- Mac and Linux builds will hopefully be added this week.

- In the near future, spawning will be improved so that players can't spawn on top of each other. I'm working on getting this fixed.

- Character selection will also be added.

Thanks for playing! 

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May 08, 2019

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how do you get the train moving

I disabled train movement for now due to multiplayer syncing complications.